Installing Usbasp Driver Software in Windows 8.1

This will be a quick tutorial on how to install Usbasp Programmer on Windows 8 or 8.1.

Since the Usbasp Driver software does not have a proper digital signature we will get an error message like this

Usbasp Driver Install error messge

So we need to Disable the Digital Signature before we can install the Driver

So here are the Steps.

1)First we need the Driver software.Here is the link to download the software.

2)Extract the zip file.I prefer to save it in desktop.

3)Now you need to disable the Digital Signature In windows.For that follow these steps

Press and Hold Shit key and Click on Restart.

This will bring a bunch of options when the computer restarts.

4)Click Troubleshoot

Digital Signature Turn OFF Windows 8.1-Step-1

5)Click Advanced Option

Digital Signature Turn OFF Windows 8.1-Step-2

6)Click Start up Settings

Digital Signature Turn OFF Windows 8.1-Step-3

7)Click Restart

Digital Signature Turn OFF Windows 8.1-Step-4

8)Select the Option Disable Driver signature enforcement (i.e Pressing F7 here)

Digital Signature Turn OFF Windows 8.1-Step-5

9)Now right Click on Start Icon and select Device manager

Usbasp Driver Install -step 1

10)Open “Other devices”

Usbasp Driver Install -step 2

11)Right click on Usbasp and select Update driver software  

Usbasp Driver Install -step 3

12)Select “Browse My computer for driver software”

Usbasp Driver Install -step 4

13)Go to the location where you have extracted the zip folder

Usbasp Driver Install -step 5

14) Click next and when you are Prompted with this warning message please click “Install Driver Software Anyway”

Usbasp Driver Install -step 6

15)If everything is correct you will get the following message.

Usbasp Driver Install -step 7

If you guys have any problem please leave a comment below….

Enjoy Programming your Micro controller………..!